The Philippine Society of Women in Golf (Phil-SWinG) league was formed in October 2009. Our league is the first of its kind, a Philippine women’s golf league formed by women for women, a golf sisterhood. The initial 30 members came together from the 11 existing Co-ed Philippine golf leagues of the Chicagoland area. The "pilot" organizers of the group were Clarita Reuer, Grace Dysico, and Maria "Girlie" Pascual. Our inaugural year was successfully completed and culminated in our season end banquet at the Highlands of Elgin GC on Octoer 2, 2010.

2024 Members

°Helen Aninag
°Ellen Arias
°Onny Barber
°Evelyn Bennett
°Nura Bradbury
°Vanessa Brand
°Tess Bravo
°Laurie Burke
°Ces Caguiat
°Johanna Cheung
°Tun Chow
°Yee Chow
°May Chow  
°Greg Dy
°Mary Dy
°Grace Dysico
°Yoriko Green
°Yuko Ino
°Pam Johnson
°Kaoru Kamo
°Seiko Kawata
°Larraine Lake   
°Christine Lawicki
°Elaine McKinney
°Maribel Mendoza
° Aida Mercado
°Linda Ng
°Rich Ng
°Janet Niko
°Aissa Pactol
°Clarita Reuer
°Vikki Schilling
°Penny Schmit
°Steve Schmit
°Ching Schneider
°Emy Sequeira
°Maria Siwa
°Precious Stack
°Beverly Wilson
°Yolanda Wojtaszek
°Stephanie Zi Wang


Leauge Photos

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